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Services - Video Transfer

Please print or display this coupon on your mobile device. Offer Expires March 31, 2014.

Call us to discuss your project -- 201-664-4113 or customerservice@bergencountycamera.com

We can transfer your old 8mm, Super-8, and 16mm movies to to DVD. We also transfer slides to DVD! In addition, we can transfer your VCR tapes, Hi8 and other videotape formats to digital formats.

Unlike many mail in transfer services our orders are picked up and delivered by hand.

Film Movie to Video Transfer

Digital formats supported

Your film and videotape images can be delivered to you as DVD or Blu-Ray format.

Video transfer pricing varies based on the number or original tapes, movies and/or slides we transfer, and the number of final DVDs or Blu-Ray disks we produce. If you choose, we can transfer multiple originals to a single disk (as many as will fit).

For additional information please visit our store in Westwood, email or phone us at 800-841-4118

Free 100' DVD Coupon with any transfer over 400'