What our customers are saying:

. . . So I brought all my problems to your Westwood store. John Ostrom methodically "cured" all my problems and showed me how to prevent them in the future. I also bought a camera battery as the extra one I bought in PC died after 6 months use. I am so pleased with the service and knowledge that you have a new customer for life. Sincerely, Marj Fairview(worth the trip)
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About Us - History

It's been this way since 1980. Bergen County Camera has been owned and staffed by people who live and breathe photography. Stop in or call today and discover how easy it is to shop for cameras from knowledgeable, friendly professionals who take the time to answer your questions today AND tomorrow. 

It doesn't cost more to get the best. Here's why: Our only business is your picture taking pleasure. We feature the best selection of quality brands available for all of your imaging needs -  photography, video, optics, digital - you name it!

At Bergen County Camera, we treat you as a friend, not as a sales opportunity. We take the time to find out what your picture taking goals and expectations are before we recommend equipment. Then we offer you photo and video packages that include more - not less - than you'd expect. So you always get all your money's worth, not less. (You'd be surprised how many stores and websites advertise specials they don't stock, or impose restrictions, conditions and exclusions on their merchandise. And unlike others, we don't sell stereos, jewelry, bicycles, fax machines or other "stuff" on the side. Is it any wonder those places have people who don't know which end of the camera to look through?!) 

Make No Mistake: Our prices are the bottom line, for you and everyone else. Our prices don't float up and down according to the season or your ability to negotiate. The prices marked and or quoted are the best and only prices we give. 

No pushy sales people, no shady deals, no buying without understanding what you're getting. 

It doesn't cost more to get the best quality, value and service. Just come to Bergen County Camera.